Technology Partners

TOFINO Security, Canada

Byres Security Inc. is the world leader in providing practical and effective industrial network security and SCADA* security products that are simple to implement and which do not require plant shutdowns. The Tofino™ Industrial Security Solution, is a unique hardware and software security system that facilitates the implementation of zones of security for equipment with common safety requirements (Zone Level Security™).

Tofino is used by major companies in the oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, by power, water and gas utilities and by major aerospace manufacturers


  • Tofino Starter Pack Components.
  • Tofino Security Appliance.
  • Tofino Central Management Platform (Tofino CMP).
  • Tofino Secure Asset Management (SAM).
  • Tofino Firewall Loadable Security Module (LSM)
  • Training